The underbanked are organizations who do not have sufficient access to mainstream financial services and products typically offered by retail banks and thus often deprived of banking services such as credit cards or loans.


Most people go to their banks when they need money. But conventional banks focus on conservative risk…business lending is just too risky for them.

Small Business Index reported “89% of business applicants were denied financing when they applied through the big banks”.

Bloomberg said “Funding a small business? Don’t bother with banks”

Only 1.2% of business loans and financing comes from Conventional Bank SBA Loans

Most Entrepreneurs just don’t know where to go to get money even though there is plenty money available today. They also don’t know they can get loans and other forms of capital through their EIN and not their SSN. Business Owners most likely don’t understand the power of, and how to build business credit.

Alternate Lenders only usually offer 1-2 business loan programs. For example if you have a cash flow problem you need to go to a cash flow lender. But you can only do that if you know a cash flow lending exists and works for you.

When they do find a lender that may help, the lender is limited on the programs they offer, and even if they do get approved they only get approved for a fraction of what they might qualify for.

This is the Cash Access Problem so many Business Owners
face that we can assist them with.